Date of issue04/2020
Year & number1. (66), 2. num.

In this issue, we introduce you the company, ÚJV Řež. We look in detail at the system of assessment of computational programs, designed for analyses of nuclear safety in the Czech Republic. We present the Aarhurs Convention and its applications in the field of nuclear energy. We introduce you to the infrastructure of hot chambers from Research Centre Řež, the National Centre of Energy and to the floating nuclear power plant of Akademik Lomonosov. You will also find information about the summer school of nuclear engineering, observations from past conferences and congresses and news from the field. You will learn about the Costa Concordia accident and what it has to do with a robbery in an American museum, as well as the Czech weld cause. Finally, in this issue, we draw attention to the EIA process in connection with intended building of a new nuclear source at Dukovany Nuclear Power Station.